Design of a data management reference architecture for sustainable agriculture

As the promise of “smart farming” and “precision agriculture” begins to emerge, it is increasingly clear that—like other areas of research and industry—effective data management, analysis, and visualization is increasingly important. In the case of sustainable farming and other agricultural similar endeavors, this means tapping into wide varieties of data to improve operational efficiency, crop yields, and automated tasking. In this 2021 paper by Giray and Catal, a data management reference architecture providing common vocabulary and templated solutions for agriculture software developers is discussed. The authors note their reference architecture is based off three agriculture-specific use cases, as well as other related reference architecture studies. After describing the domain scoping and modeling aspects of their data management reference architecture, they discuss its validation and practical use. They conclude that while the study focused on sustainability within agricultural domains, “it can be extended to a larger context by covering other critical aspects of agriculture,” demonstrating “that the proposed data management reference architecture is practical and effective.”

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