Development and implementation of an LIS-based validation system for autoverification toward zero defects in the automated reporting of laboratory test results

In this 2021 paper published in BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, Jin et al. discuss an autoverification and validation system they implemented in their laboratory information systems (LIS) to decrease validation workloads and reduce reporting risks in their healthcare systems. Using a human-machine dialog approach, the authors developed and implemented their autoverification system so that it could record personnel review steps and determine whether the human–machine review results are consistent, while also allowing laboratory personnel to tweak the system further for improved autoverification accuracy. After describing their system in detail, the authors present the results of their two years of use with the system, noting that “in the two years that our online validation has been in use, there have never been any defects or reporting risks due to autoverification” while at the same time enjoying more efficient laboratory verification.

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