Error evaluation in the laboratory testing process and laboratory information systems

In this 2021 journal article published in Journal of Medical Biochemistry, Arifin and Yusof of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia examine the error factors that come with using a laboratory information system (LIS) and propose the “total testing process for laboratory information systems” (TTP-LIS). This process leans on a variety of existing frameworks and lean quality improvement methods to meet the authors’ needs and is applied to two large hospitals in Malaysia. After examining human, technology, and organizational factors, the authors discuss their findings, noting that their “findings showed the practicality of the TTP-LIS framework as an evaluation tool in identifying errors and their causal factors. The use of lean tools—namely, VSM, A3, and 5 Why—enabled us to analyze and visualize the root cause of problems in an objective and structured manner. ” Those root causes were able to be categorized in three ways: “as a latent failure in system development, as poor error management, and as unsatisfactory lab testing processes and LIS use.”

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