Generating big data sets from knowledge-based decision support systems to pursue value-based healthcare

With the push for evidence-based medicine and advances in health information management over the past 30 years, the process of clinical decision making has changed significantly. However, new challenges have emerged regarding how to put the disparate data found in information management technologies such as electronic health records and clinical research databases to better use while at the same time honoring regulations and industry standards. González-Ferrer et al. discuss these problems and how they’ve put solutions in place in this 2018 paper in the International Journal of Interactive Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence. They conclude that despite the benefits of clinical decision support systems and other electronic data systems, “the development and maintenance of repositories of dissociated and normalized relevant clinical data from the daily clinical practice, the contributions of the patients themselves, and the fusion with open-access data of the social environment” will all still be required to optimize their benefits.

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