Heart failure and healthcare informatics

This brief perspective article by Anwar et al. of the BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science at University of Edinburgh examines the potential for using health informatics to improve heart failure outcomes in clinical settings. Noting “decompensated heart failure accounts for up to five percent of all acute unscheduled hospital admissions and has the longest length of stay of any cardiac condition,” the authors remind readers that despite significant evidence-based practices backed by science, there continues to be a disconnect between those practices and actual clinical practice. They then turn to a 2019 cohort study of nearly 100,000 U.K patients to provide hints at how collecting, managing, and effectively using heart failure data in contemporary clinical practice can be beneficial to many. The authors conclude that “we need to collate healthcare data from across both primary and secondary care settings in real time and use robust methodology to evaluate major changes in clinical practice or policy decisions” and attempt to show a visual of what such a platform would look like.

Please to read the entire article.

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