Implement an international interoperable PHR by FHIR: A Taiwan innovative application

In this 2020 paper published in the journal Sustainability, Lee et al. provide details on their FHIR-based personal health record (PHR) system in Taiwan, which arguably has one of the best health systems in the world. With the Taiwan National Health Insurance Administration wanting to give its citizens more control over the health data, the demand has been there to improve how the average person can take a more proactive stance with their medical treatment. After reviewing relevant literature, the authors describe the evolution of their PHR platform, including content analysis, data conversion, networking, authentication, and security. Then, based upon their results, they conclude that the process of taking PHR data and applying international standards to its organization and presentation, they were able to effectively “achieve interoperability as well as capture and share data using FHIR resources and formats” while maintaining a sturdy but flexible user authentication mechanism.

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