Kadi4Mat: A research data infrastructure for materials science

This 2021 paper published in Data Science Journal explains Kadi4Mat, a combination electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and data repository for better managing research and analyses in materials sciences. Noting the difficulty of extracting and using data obtained from experiments and simulations in the materials sciences, as well as the increasing levels of complexity in those experiments and simulations, Brandt et al. sought to develop a comprehensive informatics solution capable of handling structured data storage and exchange in combination with documented and reproducible data analysis and visualization. Noting a wealth of open-source components for such an informatics project, the team provides a conceptual overview of the system and then dig into the details of its development using various open-source components. They then provide screenshots of records and data (and metadata) management, as well as workflow management. The authors conclude their solution helps manage “heterogeneous use cases of materials science disciplines,” while being extensible enough to extend “the research data infrastructure to other disciplines” in the future.

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