Laboratory demand management strategies: An overview

In this 2021 article published in the journal Diagnostics, Mrazek et al. of the Paracelsus Medical University provide a review of the available demand management (DM) strategies available to laboratorians and clinicians for avoiding inappropriate utilization of specific laboratory diagnostics. The authors provide 10 potential strategies toward that goal, including the likes of more practical order entry alerts, better utilization of the laboratory information system (LIS), outdated test removal, relevant test addition, and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, to name a few. However, whatever methods are implemented, the authors note that it’s vital for demand management strategies “to be adapted to local settings.” Additionally, given that many of the strategies may be unduly time-consuming, they “believe that AI solutions are the next logical step, aiding in the development as well as improvement of DM strategies, as they could help to manage large data sets.” However, even AI has its caveats, as “a tool of assistance,” they add.

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