Laboratory information management software for engineered mini-protein therapeutic workflow

Many laboratorians and researchers who have investigated open-source laboratory information management systems (LIMS) have run across LabKey Server. LabKey has been especially useful to those working with high-throughput assays, flow cytometry, genotyping/sequencing, proteomics, specimen tracking, and observational study data management. It’s also an extensible LIMS, and as can be seen in this 2019 journal article by Brusniak et al., where they describe the process of updating LabKey to handle “generalized engineered protein compounds workflow that tracks entities and assays from creation to preclinical experiments.” Noting rapid advances in protein therapeutics, the authors developed LabKey into Optide-Hunter to handle optimized peptides (thus, optides) and their production. After discussing its inner workings, the authors conclude that their open-source Optide-Hunter solution fits the bill for a “cost-effective and flexible LIMS for early-stage experimental pipeline development for engineered protein therapeutics development.”

Please to read the entire article.

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