Learning health systems need to bridge the “two cultures” of clinical informatics and data science

In this brief collaborative article by various researchers in the United Kingdom, a statement of fact is quickly set out for the reader: health data science and clinical informatics have a considerable gap between each other that must be addressed. Wasting no time, Scott et al. dig into the U.K. context of "the operational realities of health data quality and the implications for data science." Collected clinical data is "problematic," they claim, and clinical informaticians don't always link the "two cultures" of using 1. clinical data and knowledge as a primary tool to 2. improve human health outcomes. They close by recognizing existing efforts to bridge the gap between the two cultures and make recommendations of their own such as recognizing "the interdisciplinary nature of biomedical informatics" and a need for "a significant expansion of clinical informatics capacity and capability."

Please to read the entire article.

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