Management of post-analytical processes in the clinical laboratory according to ISO 15189:2012: Considerations about the management of clinical samples, ensuring quality of post-analytical processes and laboratory information management

In this 2021 journal article published in Advances in Laboratory Medicine, Yeste et al. discuss their recommendations in regards to implementing ISO 15189 in Spanish laboratories. Based on Entidad Nacional de Acreditaci√≥n (ENAC) and its accreditation requirements, the authors provide context for clinical laboratorians involved with post-analytical processes seeking to meet ISO 15189 and ENAC requirements. The authors discuss specimen storage, retention, and disposal; quality assurance and continuous improvement; laboratory information management; and the use of ENAC accreditation labeling as part of their set of recommendations. They conclude by highlighting that “with ISO 15189 being the most specific standard for demonstrating technical performance, a clear understanding of its requirements is essential for proper implementation.”

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