Metabolomic analysis of cannabinoid and essential oil profiles in different hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) phenotypes

Noting a dearth of published research on “cannabinoid and terpenoid profiles in different hemp phenotypes within the same variety,” Eržen et al. of the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing and the University of Ljubljana took matters into their own hands and conducted such a study. The researchers examined 11 phenotypes from three different Cannabis varieties: Carmagnola Selected (CS), Tiborszallasi (TS), and Finola Selection (FS). Their objective? They intended “to establish a connection between the chemical composition and morphological characteristics of hemp plants and to identify phenotypes with an interesting ratio between cannabinoids for further pharmaceutical applications.” After providing background and reasoning for selecting their varieties, the authors discuss the results of their chemical analyses as well as the materials and methods they used. The authors conclude by summarizing their findings, including specific phenotypes that could be prime targets for further cannabis pharmaceutical research.

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