Security and privacy in cloud-based eHealth systems

Electronic health or eHealth solutions are increasingly used in healthcare, including in cloud computing settings. The cloud adds benefits to the use of those eHealth systems, but it also brings with it a number of security challenges, as Sivan and Zukarnain highlight in this 2021 paper. The duo turn to a literature review of eHealth technologies in relation to cloud computing and use that literature to show the strengths and weaknesses of a cloud-based eHealth systems approach. After providing background on cloud computing and the advantages it brings to eHealth systems, the authors identify security issues introduced by moving to the cloud and what security methods can help resolve those issues. They close with a recap of the proposed solutions, future directions for cloud-based eHealth security, and the conclusion that “the future of cloud-based eHealth services will be the integration of file-based and cloud-based applications that integrate a computer-based hybrid IT solution that measures the flexibility and scalability associated with cloud management and healthcare data security.”

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