Semantics for an integrative and immersive pipeline combining visualization and analysis of molecular data

The field of bioinformatics has really taken off over the past decade, and so with it has the number of data sources and the need for improved visualization tools, including in the realm of three-dimensional visualization of molecular data. As such, Trellet et al. have developed the infrastructure for “an integrated pipeline especially designed for immersive environments, promoting direct interactions on semantically linked 2D and 3D heterogeneous data, displayed in a common working space.” The group discusses in detail bioinformatics ontologies and semantic representation of bioinformatics knowledge, as well as vocal-based query management with such a detailed system. They conclude their efforts towards their “pipeline might be a solid base for immersive analytics studies applied to structural biology,” including the ability to propose “contextualized analysis choices to the user” during interactive sessions.

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