The cannabis terpenes

When it comes to analyzing the Cannabis plant and its constituents, terpenes are one such component that hasn’t been well studied until recent years. But as Sommano et al. note in their 2020 paper published in Molecules, “a growing number of industries have shown interest in adding either cannabis terpenes or botanically-derived terpenes to their CBD oils and edibles.” This has resulted in demand for further study of terpenes and how they interact with other constituents. The authors present a broad look at terpenes in their paper. examining the taxonomy and localization of terpenes from Cannabis plants, their biosynthesis, and their prevalence in certain chemovars. They close by briefly discussing separation of terpenes, and concluding that “terpene profiles not only embody the characteristics of cannabis genotypes, but their entourage effect with cannabinoids could enhance their medicinal functionality.”

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