The current state of knowledge on imaging informatics: A survey among Spanish radiologists

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been discussed in many healthcare contexts over the years, and this includes within the medical imaging field. But how aware are imaging specialists of AI and machine learning (ML) methods in imaging informatics, and what knowledge gaps must be filled to address concerns about misuse of patient safety with AI and ML in medical imaging? This survey-based research by Eiroa et al. examines the responses to numerous questions related to AI and ML by Spanish radiologists and suggests there are several information gaps that must be addressed. After a brief introduction and discussion concerning the survey methods, the authors present their results in numerous tables and images, followed by a discussion of that data in the scope of current and new radiologists entering the field. They conclude that “there is a general lack of knowledge about AI, ML, and related topics among Spanish radiologists, including both members in training and attending physicians,” though there was an eagerness to learn and little fear of such automated methods taking away radiology jobs. They add that “there is no doubt that a common consensus is needed to change the current training curriculum to prepare new radiologists for a future world in which AI will undoubtedly shape the profession.”

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