Timely delivery of laboratory efficiency information, Part II: Assessing the impact of a turnaround time dashboard at a high-volume laboratory

This companion piece to last week’s article on laboratory turnaround time (TAT), sees Cassim et al. take their experience developing and implementing a system for tracking TAT in a high-volume laboratory and assesses the actual impact such a system has. Using a retrospective study design and root cause analyses, the group looked at TAT outcomes over 122 weeks from a busy clinical pathology laboratory in a hospital in South Africa. After describing their methodology and results, the authors discussed the nuances of their results, including significant lessons learned. They conclude that not only is monitoring TAT to ensure timely reporting of results important, but also “vertical audits” of the results help identify bottlenecks for correction. They also emphasize “the importance of documenting and following through on corrective actions” associated with both those audits and the related quality management system in place at the lab.

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