Towards a risk catalog for data management plans

A data management plan (DMP) is a formally developed document that describes how data shall be handled both during research efforts and afterwards. However, as Weng and Thoben point out in this 2020 paper, “it a problem that DMPs [typically] do not include a structured approach for the identification or mitigation of risks” to that research data. The authors develop and propose a generic risk catalog for researchers to use in the development of their DMP, while demonstrating that catalog’s value. After providing and introduction and related work, they present their catalog, developed from interviews with researchers across multiple disciplines. They then compare that catalog to 13 DMPs published in the journal RIO. They conclude that their approach is “useful for identifying general risks in DMPs” and that it may also be useful to research “funders, since it makes it possible for them to evaluate basic investment risks of proposed projects.”

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