What is this sensor and does this app need access to it?

We use our mobile phones daily, and many of don’t give consideration to whether or not those devices are tracking or monitoring our activities. At the root of this cybersecurity issue is, most frequently, the permissions given to one or more applications on the device to access one or more sensors contained in the device. The lackadaisical attitude of the average user towards the cybersecurity of their mobile device can be attributed to a variety of aspects, including poor education regarding smartphone use, low public awareness, and ignorance due to developers’ stealthy or “permission hungry” methodologies. Mehrnezhad and Toreini discuss these issues and more at length in this 2019 paper published in Informatics, concluding that while “teaching about general aspects of sensors might not immediately improve people’s ability to perceive the risks,” over time users may “successfully identify over-privileged apps” and make more informed decisions about “modifying the app permissions, uninstalling, or keeping it as-is.”

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