Optimising Core Lab Performance: Omics Challenges Meet LIMS Solution

In the dynamic realm of core labs, where the focus is on unravelling the mysteries of omics—proteomics, genomics, and sequencing—the quest for groundbreaking discoveries is ceaseless. Core labs play a pivotal role in revealing new drug targets, diagnostic methods, and personalised drug therapies, driving the advancement of medical science. This brings to mind the big question “How to improve core lab operations?”.

However, to be effective partners to their customers, core labs must navigate the challenges of being better, faster, and more cost-efficient. The cornerstone of success in this quest lies in turnaround time—a critical factor that defines customer satisfaction. To elevate their commitment, core labs are adopting a bold approach: guaranteeing their work with strict deadlines. If a deadline is not met, a discount on the project becomes a testament to their accountability.

The key to achieving excellence is the use of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS). LIMS plays a crucial role in improving efficiency and innovation in core labs. It offers a strong foundation for automation, helps address key challenges, and provides a range of benefits.

Maximising Efficiency through LIMS Automation

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) helps laboratories to ensure the quality and integrity of their results by managing the details and necessary elements of conducting work in a core lab. The best LIMS generally come with pre-built workflows that are compatible with common instrumentation, so labs can start managing runs in the system from the get-go.

Additionally, LIMS can offer powerful application programming interfaces (APIs) based on familiar and standard scripting tools that lab staff can use to create custom workflows specific to their needs.

By standardising workflows and vocabularies and integrating systems for seamless data transfer, LIMS virtually eliminates data entry errors that may occur due to manual entries.

In essence, LIMS emerges as the catalyst for progress in core labs, offering a holistic solution to the challenges posed by the omics revolution. As core labs strive to strike the delicate balance between being good, fast, and cost-effective, LIMS stands as a technological ally, propelling them toward new frontiers in scientific exploration.

Join us on a journey where the convergence of omics and LIMS reshapes the landscape of core labs, fostering innovation, efficiency, and excellence. Stay tuned for more insights into the dynamic interplay between technology and scientific discovery!

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