A proposed method of sample preparation and homogenization of hemp for the molecular analysis of cannabinoids

Analysis of Cannabis and its constituents is seemingly always in a state of improvement and revision as we continue to learn more about the plant. In this 2021 paper published in SN Applied Sciences, Morehouse et al. propose another improvement to cannabinoid molecule concentration determinations for the purposes of differentiating hemp from marijuana and other potency testing measures. In their paper, the authors turn to an “active grinding media” using a bead mill for homogenizing the plant and improving cannabinoid recovery for testing. After explaining their methodology, presenting their results, and discussing their findings, the authors conclude that their method results in “increased cannabinoid recovery when compared to larger particle size homogenates, and no alterations in the carboxylation profiles of CBDA or THCA during processing.” This proves to be a boon to those who need “to maintain the highest of potency and purity standards when moving forward with their molecular analysis.”

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