Abbott Informatics announces the launch of the latest STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution 11.0

Abbott Informatics launched STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing (QM) Solution 11.0, the latest version of its leading laboratory information management system (LIMS) platform for the global manufacturing industry.  The new release includes upgrades and enhancements that will boost performance throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, make regulatory compliance more seamless, and improve cyber security.

STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution 11.0 is built on the most up-to-date STARLIMS technology platform version 11.4, which provides an all-around user experience, faster performance, and enhanced usability on mobile platforms.  Cyber security updates mean that data on STARLIMS QM has never been more secure.

A modern infrastructure improves functionality and allows the support of browsers, database servers and Windows client and application server environments.  Internet Explorer 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, SQL 2016 and Oracle 12C are all supported. 

The new release also offers enhanced functionality which will improve transparency and enhance the platform’s already comprehensive adherence to regulatory compliance specifically for the industries where data integrity is a major concern.  With STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution 11.0 users can be confident of data integrity.  Data entry and changes at every stage of user or instrument interface with the platform is fully traceable and accessible.

  • Audit trails are initiated at the point of first results entry into the LIMS, rather than after all the results have been added to the system. Any subsequent change or adjustment to data is logged.
  • Audit trails now start within the ELN as soon as the user inputs any data.
  • Subtle amendments to audit signature comments means that users can now lock predefined comments and avoid inappropriately structured comments that may trigger regulatory query.
  • Instrument ID is captured whenever results are entered through RS-232 or TCP/IP connection. Any transfer of data from an instrument, including resent data, is automatically tracked along with relevant metadata.
Abbott Informatics has developed its suite of STARLIMS Informatics solutions to help improve turnaround times, reduce costs, and get safe products to market faster. The powerful Quality Manufacturing Solution integrates directly with enterprise applications as well as with measurement and analytical instruments, to consolidate all workflows and results data within a single platform.  As well as supporting operating systems, QM version 11.0 supports Abbott Informatics’ latest scientific data management system (SDMS) and Advanced Analytics tools, and third-party software including Empower, Chromeleon, NWA and SAP.

STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution 11.0 includes enhancements that give a more intuitive user experience.  It’s now possible to view attachments while viewing batches, traceability, stability studies, process samples, all while viewing folders.  Users can search for samples by date and time, and import supplier’s information directly from a CSV file. Authorized personnel can also now assign users to sites without having to switch between dashboards.

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