Abbott Informatics Announces the Launch of the STARLIMS Clinical Solution V 9.1

Abbott Informatics is pleased to announce the launch of the STARLIMS Clinical Solution V 9.1, which features a major set of functional enhancements to the healthcare informatics solution. The new release offers fast, secure capabilities for sample accessioning and tracking using mobile devices, together with key enhancements that automate sample data management, safeguard data integrity, and provide advanced analytics for quality control (QC) management.

STARLIMS Clinical V 9.1 streamlines and integrates key workflows for biorepositoriesmolecular testing labs, and clinical trials. It is built on STARLIMS technology platform version 11.4, which provides an all-around user experience, faster performance, and enhanced usability on mobile platforms. Cyber security updates mean that data on the STARLIMS Clinical Solution has never been more secure.

Specifically, the STARLIMS Clinical Solution V 9.1 introduces eManifest to address sample receipt bottlenecks that are a common issue for both biorepositories and clinical trials. Developed in response to customer feedback and industry trends, including increased regulatory scrutiny on data integrity and reducing manual entry and errors, eManifest allows labs to upload a batch of sample information, in user-defined standardized formats, prior to samples being received at the lab, and irrespective of the submitter’s data system.

Notification of samples that are being shipped gives labs time to plan staffing to manage the expected workload. Configurable data templates ensure sample information and metadata are delivered in the required format, while fast, automated file upload frees staff from time-consuming manual entry tasks and potentially reduces errors. Data is secure and transparent, and sample transit can be monitored and tracked at any point from dispatch to arrival with seamless integration to a carrier’s tracking web site.

eManifest includes predefined templates for:

  • Clinical sample login
  • Trial sample login
  • Biorepository new reception

STARLIMS Clinical Solution V 9.1 also offers an enhanced, user-friendly Advanced Analytics dashboard to improve both QC management and laboratory productivity.  Enabling more comprehensive access to QC statistics and historical results, the Advanced Analytics dashboard alerts to deviation trends by lot, equipment groups, sites or materials. Intuitive tools give users the flexibility to define how to interrogate and drill down into data from complex workflows and use dynamic filtering to identify sources of variance.

Capturing and reporting data in the field and other off-site locations can speed key decision making and ensure that scientists, project leaders and business teams are kept up to speed with all the required data, in real time. Mobile sample accessioning and kit collection functions built into STARLIMS Clinical Solution V 9.1 give customers a low cost and portable option for recording sample and accession information, via a mobile device, in remote locations. The mobility features mean samples can be pre-logged prior to shipping to the testing site, and eliminate the need to record data on paper and then transfer the information into the electronic system manually on return to the lab or office.

STARLIMS Clinical Solution V 9.1 introduces the first phase in a series of functional upgrades planned for the next several months. Planned future enhancements, which are subject to change, will support workflow consolidation, complex molecular testing and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) workflows.