Abbott Informatics Announces the Release of STARLIMS Forensic Solution 7.1

Hollywood, FL – Abbott Informatics announces the latest STARLIMS Forensic Solution. The STARLIMS Forensic Solution has been developed as a comprehensive forensic platform for laboratory, property, and crime scene management.  The fully web-based platform offers an integrated quality management solution to support full accreditation, from ISO 17025 to CALEA, and to manage discovery and freedom of information act (FOIA) requests.

The latest release, STARLIMS Forensic Solution 7.1, features enhancements that streamline the activities in the lab, such as:

  • Ability to define a second master mix was added for DNA.
  • Ability to retest DNA QC samples.
  • Ability to configure and capture additional data for DNA samples was added such as incubation time, etc.
  • Ability to capture witness at any point in the DNA workflow.
  • Table of contents for Electronic Case jacket.
  • More reports/data available for inclusion in the Electronic Case Jacket.
  • Use of MS Word was extended to Search Notification reports.
  • Added flexibility to include exhibits from the same case and/or related cases in examiner reports.
  • Automatically send reports based on contact type; for example, Lead Detective.
  • Flexibility in re-assigning reviews already in progress.
  • Easy visibility of all cases assignments associated with a given case.
  • Work assignment functionality (cases ready for assignment, Cases currently assigned, future work, etc) now available from one application in addition to separate alerts.
  • Ability to link cases automatically based on NIBIN, CODIS or AFIS hits.
  • More options and visibility across related cases.
  • Better search capabilities across sites.
  • Improved system navigation.
  • More flexibility in selection of the appropriate verification records for equipment.
  • Additional administrative reports.
  • Better usability in the court testimony application.
  • Streamlined property intake window.
  • Enhancements to the random vault audit application.
  • Even more places in the system allow actions on multiple records at once.