October 2nd, 2018. Hollywood – FL. Abbott Informatics is pleased to announce the launch of the STARLIMS Quality Manufacturing Solution QM 11.1, developed to support laboratory productivity and efficiency across diverse sectors of the global manufacturing industry.

Built on the latest STARLIMS Technology Platform 11.6 , the upgraded STARLIMS QM platform features a secure customer portal for managing test requests, request status, progress and results. Offering laboratories and clients a real time, holistic view of request workflow progress, the browser-agnostic request management portal features key automation to reduce manual data input, ensure transparency and support regulatory compliance.

qm-release 1.png

A user-friendly grid allows you to have visibility of the laboratory test requests, whether the test samples come from an internal R&D or process department or from an external commercial client. Request form barcoding and automated folder creation ensure that lab managers have access to a complete, correct dataset on which to accept and process test requests. Customers logging in to the portal can see when their requests have been accepted, follow progress and access certificates of analysis.

The STARLIMS QM Solution also features out-of-the-box, pre-aided graphical workflows for five key testing lifecycles; manufacturing, contract laboratories, stability, environmental, and process samples. The landing pages provide intuitive baseline pre-configurations for each of the five typical workflows, which customers can fine tune with additional steps or fields. Rather than having to click through multiple screens to navigate to each workflow-relevant page, the graphical workflows allow fast, stepwise progress to each stage with a single click.  qm-mage.png

Additional enhancements to Northwest Analytical (NWA) trending and process charts mean that the STARLIMS QM Solution also now offers managers more instructive insight into laboratory operation and efficiency.

The STARLIMS QM Solution benefits from new functionality built into the recently released STARLIMS Technology Platform 11.6. Demonstrating an improved HTML5 infrastructure and conversion tools, the upgraded STARLIMS technology platform can seamlessly interface with an even more extensive range of third party laboratory instrumentation, and features upgraded Advanced Analytics functionality.

As a leading innovator, Abbott Informatics is continually evolving the STARLIMS informatics platform to increase efficiency, reduce costs and delays, and help to ensure that high quality, safe products can get to market faster.


Abbott Informatics (AI) provides leading Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solutions that have served customers around the world for more than 30 years. The company’s STARLIMS solutions help improve the reliability of laboratory sampling processes, manage complex testing workflows and analytical methods, support compliance with global regulatory requirements and industry standards, and provide comprehensive reporting, monitoring and analysis capabilities. With 12 support centers throughout the world, AI solutions are used in labs across multiple industries and disciplines including life sciences, food & beverage, agriculture, manufacturing, petrochemical refineries and oil & gas, chemical, public health, forensics and environmental.