AI meets exascale computing: Advancing cancer research with large-scale high-performance computing

In this 2019 review paper published in Frontiers in Oncology, Bhattacharya et al. describe the state of collaborative, artificial-intelligence-based computational cancer research within various agencies and departments of the United States. The researchers point to three major initiatives that aim “to push the frontiers of computing technologies in specific areas of cancer research” at the cellular, molecular, and population levels. They present details concerning the three initiatives, enacted as pilot programs with specific goals: Pilot One “to develop predictive capabilities of drug response in pre-clinical models of cancer,” Pilot Two “on delivering a validated multiscale model of Ras biology on a cell membrane,” and Pilot Three “to leverage high-performance computing and artificial intelligence to meet the emerging needs of cancer surveillance.” Additionally, emerging opportunities and challenges that continue to arise out of these pilots are also addressed, before concluding that “opportunities for extreme-scale computing in AI and cancer research extend well beyond these pilots.”

Please to read the entire article.

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