Assessing cyberbiosecurity vulnerabilities and infrastructure resilience

Here is one more journal article on the topic of cyberbiosecurity, this time discussing related vulnerabilities and the need for a resilient infrastructure to limit them. Schabacker et al. of the Argonne National Laboratory present a base "assessment framework for cyberbiosecurity, accounting for both security and resilience factors in the physical and cyber domains." They first discuss the differences between "emerging" and "converging" technologies and how they contribute to vulnerabilities, and then they lead into risk mitigation strategies. The authors also provide clear definitions of associated terminology for common understanding, including the topics of dependency and interdependency. Then they discuss the basic framework, keeping vulnerabilities in mind. They close with a roadmap for a common vulnerability assessment framework, encouraging the application of "lessons learned from parallel efforts in related fields," and reflection on "the complex multidisciplinary cyberbiosecurity environment."

Please to read the entire article.

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