Benefits you should bank on by using a LIMS

For our final blog post of 2019 we thought to give some information for those either investigating whether to buy a LIMS or perhaps who have one, but feel they aren’t maximising their return on investment (ROI) some food for thought.

LIMS should generate solid ROI and below are key areas:

With constant advances in technology the needs of a laboratory are frequently changing, but what remains constant is the need for end-to-end traceability of samples, data processing capabilities and report generation. This is where a LIMS comes in, it assists laboratories in monitoring workflows, managing data and inventory, assigning tasks, storing data and automating the reporting process.

Whether clinical, analytical or research, all laboratories operate under a time constraint of having to provide information to a customer, client or management as business decisions are then made based on that information. To make such information available instantly is nearly impossible without a LIMS, traditional methods of record-keeping using excel or paper-based files makes it impossible to source the required data.

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