Blaze Systems Develops Legacy Data Migration Toolkit

March 23, 2009.  Blaze Systems announces the development of a comprehensive LIMS legacy data migration wizard and toolkit which streamlines and reduces the cost of migrating historical laboratory data from a variety of legacy data sources (Excel, Access, etc.) into BlazeLIMS. 

It is almost universal that a LIMS installation is a second or third generation solution, a follow-on to a legacy LIMS, Access application(s), or Excel based system for laboratory management, made necessary as laboratory needs expand and mature. So to, the need to migrate legacy data into a new LIMS installation is almost universal.  By their very nature, legacy systems often contain dirty data, that is, data that is inconsistent, having poor relational and content integrity, as well as lacking a sound underlying physical or logical data model.  The task of transforming such disarray into sound relational and content order can be daunting and expensive. 

Blaze Systems has developed a legacy data migration wizard and toolkit which automates and streamlines this process.  It provides a framework for specifying the legacy metadata, selecting and separating out entity datasets, cleaning up inconsistent values and loading the data via the standard BlazeLIMS Autologger and Results Uploader.  In this way all the required relational integrity and data content is assured.  Using this new capability, Blaze Systems can provide lower cost, fixed price and effective data migration when you purchase BlazeLIMS and have legacy data you wish to preserve and reference going forward.