Blaze Systems Release BlazeLIMS 5.4 With New Lot Release Features And More

March 28, 2011 Blaze Systems announces the release of version 5.4.1 of its flagship BlazeLIMS Enterprise and Small Enterprise Systems. This release includes a general purpose and feature rich Lot Release function, which provides lot release for various combinations of grades and customers, using results from one or more samples and applying a variety of rules including minimum sampling, customer pre approval of pre shipped samples, and skip lot testing. Also included are a powerful notification capability, COA production, configurable integration with ERP systems for product disposition, and much more. Most manufacturing labs can use this feature right out of the box and avoid expensive custom programming of their lot release rules. Version 5.4 also includes numerous enhancements to add functionality and improve cross-feature integration, ease of use, and flexibility, all of which provide a tangible reality to Blaze Systems commitment to offer the best LIMS in the business via continuous improvement driven by customer requirements.

Contact Blaze Systems for access to a video demonstrating the features of BlazeLIMS Lot Release.