Blaze Systems Releases Tobacco Testing Module For BlazeLIMS

July 1 , 2013. Newark, DE. Blaze Systems Corporation announces the release of a Tobacco Testing Module as an add-on to its flagship BlazeLIMS Enterprise product. Recent changes in the regulatory environment for tobacco testing make automation more attractive if not essential. However, successful automation of tobacco testing requires numerous features for end-to-end coverage of this challenging laboratory process. For BlazeLIMS, this begins with a comprehensive testing request submission form that embodies FTC, ISO, MASS, Sidestream and other testing regimes in a highly configurable and easy-to-use form, allowing for the entry of complex sets of brands and testing requirements. The testing request is then automatically translated into the required set of samples, aliquots, analytes, and replicates to execute the complex coupled process of smoking and analysis.  All the logging requirements for a multi-brand, multi-regime request may be accomplished in a matter of a few minutes. Additonal features of particular interest to the independent testing laboratory include estimates, blinding of brands, and more. BlazeLIMS also provides the QC support required to manage the incorporation of smoking QC and analytical QC samples, handling each according in the context of both smoking and analytical batches throughout the laboratory process. The analytical demands for tobacco testing are particularly challenging, and BlazeLIMS provides ELN automation and tracking for method execution, including preparation and usage tracking for all reagents and standards as desired to accomplish the paperless lab, as well as flexible batch run management.  

BlazeStatisticalControl automates the monitoring and early detection of quality problems at all steps in the process. 

BlazeLIMS integration with Crystal Reports, Excel and Word provides a flexible and comprehensive reporting capability.  

Equipment utilization is particularly critical to the tobacco testing laboratory, and BlazeLIMS provides a semi-automatic scheduling utility for use in managing laboratory workflow that best combines the machine and human capabilities required to optimize utilization.


In addtion , BlazeLIMS fulfills 21CFR Part 11requirements and Blaze Systems can provide templates for GxP validation documents (URS, IQ, OQ, PQ, Traceability Matrix).


Automating the tobacco testing laboratory presents many unique challenges not readily accommodated in the conventional LIMS without costly customization.  The BlazeLIMS Tobacco Testing Module transforms BlazeLIMS into a COTS LIMS for tobacco testing. for a demo and discussion of how BlazeLIMS can automate your tobacco testing laboratory.