Cloud Technology to Enable and Accelerate Clinical Data Management in Biobanking

Clinical research and pathology laboratories need to expedite research in order to provide better, faster and innovative treatments to patients. To achieve this objective, efficient clinical data management solutions are required that can minimize the time taken for patient care biobanking, and for drug research—including development and commercialization.

There are several challenges associated with clinical data management. The primary challenge is heterogeneity and volume of data. Heterogeneous, large-volume data may be largely attributed to the advent of high-throughput methods for genome interrogation such as microarrays and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, being integrated with patient care. Managing these data using manual processes, such as paper and spreadsheet programs, is tedious and error-prone. The manual processes for clinical data management also hamper industry collaboration, leading to inadvertent delays.

On the other hand, using traditional clinical data management software is expensive, as it needs to be run on the institution’s IT infrastructure, and database professionals are required to run and manage the system. When clinical data needs to be shared in real time to speed up research in a network, where laboratories are often situated at different and/or remote geographical locations, traditional systems fail.

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