Conforming to TGO 93 Standards with QLIMS

The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016 saw the rise of the medical cannabis industry in Australia, as it permitted the research, cultivation and production of medical cannabis and related products. Following this, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) had a new task on their hands, regulating the production/manufacturing of what was once a Schedule 9 (S9) drug.

As such, the TGA issued a new standard to specify the minimum quality requirements that unapproved medicinal cannabis products imported into and supplied/manufactured in Australia must adhere/conform to, this came be to be known as TGO 93 (Standard for Medicinal Cannabis).

TGO 93 stipulated that any company within Australia looking to import/export/manufacture Medicinal Cannabis products had to adhere to the standard and ensure that the active ingredients and cannabinoids present in the final product are strictly derived from the cannabis plant.

As TGO 93 involves recording, tracking and reporting on a range of macroscopic and microscopic examinations as well as chromatographic procedures, handling the data via a paper-based method becomes quite cumbersome and has no reportable audit trail.


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