Consumer Goods Company Expands STARLIMS Licensing Agreement

HOLLYWOOD, Fla., Sept. 21, 2009 — STARLIMS Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq:LIMS), a leading provider of laboratory information management systems, or LIMS, today announced that a global consumer goods company headquartered in the United States is exercising its option to expand its STARLIMS licensing agreement. Having completed the configuration phase of the project, the customer will now move towards enterprise-wide deployment, which will make STARLIMS’s LIMS and Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) available to the customer’s labs as well as hundreds of external users. Altogether, the expanded project increases the total contract value to $1.1 million, covering licenses for STARLIMS software, implementation services and first-year maintenance.


Full Web-based Access, Across the Supply Chain

By implementing STARLIMS’s web-based LIMS, the customer is creating an enterprise informatics system accessible throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Spanning research and development, manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance, the expanded system will make data available not only to the customer’s employees at multiple sites, but also to vendors, suppliers and trade partners on several continents.


Process Harmonization for Global Sourcing

“Harmonizing material testing processes and making information readily available throughout the supply chain are two key benefits in this project, which is expected to help this consumer goods company to accelerate processes and reduce operational overheads,” said Jeff Ferguson, COO at STARLIMS. “We are enormously gratified to see such a large-scale implementation of our software, and particularly the ways in which it will simplify and expedite certification and quality processes.”

According to Ferguson, the customer has such a large volume of materials testing, and such an extensive supply chain network, that process harmonization was essential to the selection team. A key benefit of STARLIMS in this context is the fact that the system is built from the ground up as an entirely web-based application, and provides instant global access to the corporate informatics system, via a responsive user interface known as Rich Internet Application (RIA). Anyone with the appropriate access privilege, be it an employee, or trade partner, can see the same data and information in real time. Moreover, STARLIMS’s efficient utilization of available bandwidth ensures high performance even on latent connections.



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