Development of a smart laboratory information management system: A case study of NM-AIST Arusha of Tanzania

We hear case studies of laboratory automation implementations from time to time, usually in larger facilities that can afford the expense. But what of smaller labs in developing countries? With sensors and open-source technologies gaining ground—and application development becoming more commonplace—automating small labs in small ways isn’t so distant a reality. This 2022 paper by Mwambe et al. of the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology demonstrates this, providing details of their smart laboratory information management system (LIMS) and hardware-based automation solutions in their labs. After introducing the concept behind their software+hardware solution, the authors go over the design and implementation of their smart LIMS. They conclude that their system of LIMS, RFIF, IoT, and sensor networks effectively “automate recurring tasks in laboratories, aid in monitoring, and eliminate paper-based record keeping. Using such a smart LIMS, researchers can better plan research activities.”

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