Development of an informatics system for accelerating biomedical research

Appearing originally in a 2019 issue of F1000Research, this recently revised second version sees Navale et al. expand on their development, implementation, and various uses of the Biomedical Research Informatics Computing System (BRICS), “designed to address the wide-ranging needs of several biomedical research programs” in the U.S. With a focus on using common data elements (CDEs) for improving data quality, consistency, and reuse, the authors explain their approach to BRICS development, how it accepts and processes data, and how users can effectively access and share data for improved translational research. The authors also provide examples of how the open-source BRICS software is being used by the National Institutes of Health and other organizations. They conclude that not only does BRICS further biomedical digital data stewardship under the FAIR principles, but it also “results in sustainable digital biomedical repositories that ensure higher data quality.”

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