Fostering reproducibility, reusability, and technology transfer in health informatics

In this 2021 perspectives article published in the journal iScience, Hauschild et al. of Philipps University of Marburg lay out what they believe to be the first guidelines for an academic organization needing to incorporate a manageable and approachable quality management system (QMS) to support academic research, particularly that involving software developed in-house. Noting the challenges of academic scientific software development in health informatics and bioinformatics environments, the authors propose flexible quality management mechanisms as a means to “facilitate technology transfer as much as possible while keeping the overhead for researchers and developers in a well manageable range.” After presenting the foundational guidelines for academic organizations to implement to not only promote reproducibility and reusability, but also support FAIR principles, the authors conclude that their guidelines effectively lower “the hurdle for research organizations to set up quality management” and ” significantly facilitate reproducibility and reusability of scientific software and speed up technology transfer in a controlled and predictable way.”

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