Genedata, HighRes Biosolutions, and Titian Software Collaborate for Automated End-to-End Screening Solution

Industry-first, vendor-driven integration automates iterative research processes to deliver unprecedented workflow efficiencies for life scientists

Basel, Switzerland – Beverly, MA – London, UK, January 24, 2018

GenedataHighRes Biosolutions, and Titian Software announce a partnership integrating their flagship products into a seamless solution that automates iterative drug discovery processes for designing and planning, testing, and data analysis. The approach offers a streamlined workflow from sample logistics to automation to analysis and back, effortlessly moving information to where it is needed and ultimately providing researchers with the time and freedom to focus on their science. This industry-first integration, which brings real-time data analysis and heightened efficiencies to screening labs, will be showcased by the three partners at SLAS2018 (Feb 3-7, San Diego Convention Center).

“Our partnership brings together best-in-class solutions relied on by the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and CROs,” said Edmund Wilson, CEO of Titian Software. “Moreover, we are empowering researchers to quickly and easily perform complex informatics workflows, which typically span many departments and informatics resources.”

The partnership builds on collaborations in which HighRes and Titian connected Cellario and Mosaic to automatically interpret and produce Mosaic-defined work, replication, jobs, etc. Titian and Genedata integrated Mosaic with Genedata Screener® to automatically retrieve assay plate sample data from Mosaic. Most recently, Cellario was integrated with Genedata Screener for real-time data analysis of Cellario experiment results. The integration of all three solutions effectively closes the loop on logistics, production, and data analysis.

Advancing Laboratory Automation
With the solutions’ integration, screening scientists can now design and order assay plates in the Titian Mosaic sample management software, accept and run the fully automated screening process on the HighRes automated system, and trigger the automated data analysis and approval in Genedata Screener. This highly automated workflow allows scientists to step away from tedious manual tasks, decreases the potential for errors, and removes bottlenecks. Delivering a new level of laboratory automation, the integration is inherently flexible and significantly improves the efficiency of research processes while providing a full audit trail for data, samples and operations.

“A major advantage for us is the way we feed parameters from Mosaic orders to customize the protocol for the task at hand automatically,” noted Ira Hoffman, president of HighRes Biosolutions. “This greatly simplifies an operator’s job.  Our customers have been able to reduce the number of different protocols from more than 200 to fewer than 10, which demonstrates the significant time savings and overall improvement in operational efficiency for our shared compound management customers.”

“Genedata is committed to transformative industry collaborations that automate workflows and optimize the drug discovery process,” said Dr. Othmar Pfannes, CEO of Genedata. “Our partnership with HighRes and Titian, industry leaders in experiment automation and sample storage, delivers on that commitment by enabling an out-of-the-box solution for the complete screening process.”

Editorial Note:
The partners will demonstrate their combined screening solution at the SLAS2018 conference in San Diego. Their tutorial “Partnering to Close the Screening Loop: From Sample Logistics to Automation to Analysis and Back,” will be held on Feb. 6 at 2pm in Room 2.

The Partners

About Genedata 
Genedata transforms data into intelligence with innovative software solutions and domain-specific consulting services that automate complex, large-scale experimental processes and enable organizations to maximize the ROI from their R&D. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Switzerland and has offices in Germany, the UK, Japan, and the US. Follow Genedata on LinkedIn.

About HighRes Biosolutions
HighRes Biosolutions improves human health through life science robotics.  The company designs and builds innovative laboratory automation systems, dynamic scheduling software, and lab automation instruments that accelerate and streamline discovery.  HighRes offers highly flexible, modular solutions that provide its clients with the ability to scale and reconfigure their automation equipment as their assays or technology changes. Visit or follow HighResBio on LinkedIn.

About Titian Software
Founded in 1999, Titian Software supplies software and consultancy to improve sample management and inventory logistics for life science research. Mosaic is Titian’s customizable, modular software to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage and preparation for compounds, reagents and biologics. Companies worldwide, from small biotech to global pharma, trust Mosaic to provide a seamless, error-free sample supply chain. SampleBank and FreezerManagement provide optimized and pre-configured subsets of Mosaic available for rapid deployment. Visit or follow Titian on LinkedIn.