Geneious Biologics Set to Launch at Bio-IT World

AUCKLAND, New Zealand–()–Geneious Biologics, a next-generation cloud service developed to empower enterprises engaged in commercial antibody discovery and screening and significantly improve their success rates, will launch at Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, in Boston MA, on May 23, 2017.

The brainchild of bioinformatics technology company Biomatters, Geneious Biologics is a highly scalable and configurable Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to give companies undertaking biologic drug development the tools to leverage ‘big data’ during precision antibody discovery, improving accuracy and minimizing failures.

“Antibody therapeutic development is demanding higher throughput and becoming more data-driven. Researchers are generating data faster than they can analyse it,” said Biomatters President Brett Ammundsen, PhD. “Accuracy, critical in identifying quality antibody candidates, is severely compromised as many laboratories rely on multiple disparate software and hardware solutions, some not even fit for purpose, to handle their expanding data output.”

Geneious Biologics aims to remedy this by providing a fully managed data platform and informatics system in a highly secure cloud computing infrastructure, delivered through a modern, intuitive web interface.

“By providing the ability to integrate data and collaborate across discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development of biologic drugs, Geneious Biologics will provide a solution to many problems faced by modern biopharma enterprises during biologic drug development,” Dr Ammundsen said.

Together with state of the art visual representation of sequence data, Geneious Biologics is set to give researchers unprecedented power to accurately qualify the best antibody candidates. This will lead to more effective and safer biologic drugs that deliver treatments for diseases with currently limited and suboptimal treatment options.

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About Biomatters

Biomatters ( empowers customers to make things better by transforming DNA sequence data. The company’s Geneious software suite is used by over 3,000 universities, institutes and companies in more than 100 countries. Geneious Biologics integrates with Biomatters’ existing Geneious DNA analysis tools and leverages the company’s deep expertise in delivering solutions that meet customers’ real-life needs.