Genohm is hiring 2 Java Software Engineers for its team in Ghent, Belgium

We are hiring: we have 2 open positions as Java Software Engineers in Ghent, Belgium

Ghent (BE), 2016.07.14: Genohm is hiring 2 Java Software Engineers for its team in Ghent (BE).

Genohm is a software company with offices in Ghent (BE), Lausanne (CH) and Durham (NC, USA). Since 2010, we develop SLims, a software platform built on a Java software stack and designed to manage all information in life science laboratories.

To strengthen our core development team in Ghent, we are looking for 2 passionate:

Java Software Engineers

Contact us if:

  • Java is your mother tongue
  • You value readable, maintainable code
  • You are eager to learn and get up to date in new developments in software

The relevant technologies involved in SLims programming are: Spring, Hibernate, Git, Gradle, Groovy, (Smart)GWT, Vaadin, Liquibase, Selenium and more. As a core developer you are responsible for inventing and implementing new features and for permanently improving our platform.

We’d love to hear you talk about your experience with one or more of the mentioned technologies.

Contact us for more info or send us your resume on  and hopefully we’ll soon be discussing our common future.