High-throughput methods to identify male Cannabis sativa using various genotyping methods

Genotyping of Cannabis sativa is a useful component of not only gender identification of plants for cultivators but also other types of laboratory testing and research of Cannabis. Performing such tests in a reliable, cost-effective, and high-performance way has significant value for Cannabis testing laboratories. In this 2022 journal article, Torres et al. compare a number of different genotyping techniques, ultimately demonstrating some of that value. After providing background information and their methodology, the authors discuss the results of gender testing using a wide array of genotyping techniques. They conclude that “the multiple methodologies presented here allow for accurate, quick, and cost-effective screening that will enable future development of germplasm and the industry.” They add that their “real-time assays can be performed by cannabis testing laboratories performing diagnostic testing, as well as in the field with minimal molecular biology equipment and expertise.”

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