Instrument Integration is a Key Step in Therapeutic Antibody Discovery and Development Lab

Therapeutic antibody discovery and development labs assay hundreds to thousands of antibody candidates daily to hone in on the best candidates for clinical development. Accurate, complete plate maps are critical for sample traceability and experiment reproducibility. Yet the instruments that facilitate high-throughput experiments often have software and file format requirements that limit plate map flexibility and it is often difficult to interface these instruments with existing LIMS. Using LIMSense™, a modern LIMS from AduroSys, can ensure seamless integration between instruments and LIMS without sacrificing flexibility in plate map design.


Don’t let your instruments limit your plate maps

In the previous two blog posts, we discussed the importance of intuitive, rapid, and flexible plate map design for primary and secondary therapeutic antibody screening. Plate map design is one of the most basic aspects of any scientific experiment, yet it remains a major bottleneck for labs with high-throughput requirements, such as therapeutic antibody discovery and development.

Unfortunately, software and file type requirements for the instruments you use that are supposed to make your life easier and your experimentation faster are often responsible for hampering your experiments before they even begin:

  • Using instrument software to make your plate maps can severely limit how you design your plate maps (and thus, can also limit your experiments)
  • Use of Excel or other outdated tools to create plate maps for instruments that accept .txt, .csv, or .xls files is slow and prone to error
  • Converting your plate map files to other formats required by your instruments makes you feel like you need a degree in computer science

Additionally, users of LIMS and other data management systems often encounter other challenges once their plate maps are created and experiments are running:

  • Plate maps created with Excel or instrument software often cannot be transferred into LIMS or ELNs where the rest of sample information resides
  • Moving data produced by the instrument back into the LIMS for data analysis is often difficult to impossible due to widely differing file formats across different instruments

These challenges create a critical bottleneck for high-throughput therapeutic antibody discovery and development labs that might make use of several different instruments.

A Modern LIMS for Creating and Uploading Instrument-Compatible Plate Maps

Would you like to eliminate the frustration and lost time caused by strict and specific instrument file requirements and software? If so, try LIMSense™ by AduroSys.


Courtesy of Hamilton

It is a modern-cloud-based LIMS developed to specifically address the pain points you have experienced to integrate your laboratory instruments:

  • Easy to use, intuitive graphical interface allows you to lay out your plates however you choose. You can even easily split and re-array plates
  • Plate maps can be exported into whatever file format is required by your LIMSense natively supports .txt, .csv, and .xls-format files, but our team will work with you to ensure you can create any file type you need
  • Download your plate maps from LIMSense and upload them manually to your instruments or, for automated labs, upload your plate maps directly to your instruments using our API
  • Configure instrument output files to the desired format and then upload instrument data files back to LIMSense with just a click of a button


The Impact of a Modern LIMS

The impact that seamless, efficient integration between your LIMS and your instruments can have on the therapeutic antibody discovery and development laboratory should not be underestimated. Using a LIMS that enables accurate and flexible plate map design, automatically formats those plate maps in the right format for your instruments, and facilitates seamless transfer of instrument data back into your LIMS can save you countless hours of time and frustration.

The plate maps created with LIMSense™ can be quickly and easily formatted for your laboratory instruments and either manually uploaded or automatically uploaded with an API. You can also import instrument measurement files back to LIMSense™, and consolidate all measurements and sample metadata for easy systematic data analysis.

To learn more about how LIMSense™ can advance your therapeutic antibody development, request a demo today.