Introducing SoftLIMS™ | SCC’s Cloud-based Configurable Laboratory Information Management System

2020_LIMS_BLOG_BANNER_20200601As part of SCC’s Research Information Systems Suite, SoftLIMS is a cloud-based, multi-tenant laboratory information management system that provides the following features:

  • Specimen processing and testing automation from order intake (electronic, web-based order, or paper-based requisition)
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control processes
  • Barcoding and specimen tracking
  • Instrument connectivity through SoftDMI® – SCC’s data management and interfaces support system
  • Patient result reporting (paper and electronic)
  • Sample/DNA storage through SoftBiobankTM, SCC’s biobank information management system
  • Configurable user-definable fields, forms, and resulting tasklists
  • Operational reports
  • Data mining and analysis through Genomic Data Portal
  • Extendable system through third-party components or dedicated development via set of Jason API, SDK, and rules-based system

This low-cost, configurable solution is designed to provide software support for day-to-day operational automation in clinical, environmental, research, bio banking, and other environments. SoftLIMS includes pre-configured best practices and workflows for a number of laboratories, from chemistry and hematology labs, to more complex molecular or genomic labs. SoftLIMS does not require Oracle or WebLogic technologies, and SCC will be able to provide access to API within the next four to six months.


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