ISO/IEC 17025: History and introduction of concepts

In this 2021 paper publisher in the journal Química Nova, Miguel et al. present the ISO/IEC 17025 standard in a historical context, while also providing some additional details about the concepts the standard proposes. As a quality management standard that also addresses competence, impartiality, and consistent operations in the laboratory, the standard emphasizes the importance of well-planned quality assurance towards reliable and traceable laboratory results. After an introduction to the standard, the authors take an in-depth look at ISO/IEC 17025’s history and what drove changes to the standard over time. The article then examines what the standard asks of laboratories, as well as what value it adds to those labs. “By enacting ISO/IEC 17025,” the authors conclude, “testing and calibration laboratories demonstrate they are responsible with their activities and their impacts, and put quality management and metrological traceability at the forefront of their operations.”

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