Iterating a Validated Assay? You Need Effective Change Management

Laboratories face frequent changes. Whether you’re implementing new workflows or updating an existing one, adding an instrument, iterating on a validated assay, or optimizing processes to keep up with market conditions or advances in technology, one thing is certain — change is inevitable. But that doesn’t make it easy.

Humans naturally resist change. We prefer tasks that are comfortable and familiar. Habitual or routine tasks take less energy to complete but we also enjoy having a sense of mastery over our work. Change, on the other hand, brings discomfort, uncertainty, and even fear. The result: 70% of business change projects fail.

Change management can help labs both manage changes and prepare people for change. However, the quality of your change management processes can have a big impact on your success. In fact, research has found that organizations with excellent change management (compared to poor change management) are six times more likely to meet their objectives. That’s a significant difference in outcomes.