STARLIMS Corporation, a leading global provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), announced today that it has been selected by IWW Water Centre, Muelheim, one of the leading water research institutes in Germany. Compliance with Stringent German and International Quality Standards By implementing the entirely web-based STARLIMS V10 system, IWW will ensure full compliance with stringent water quality regulations, including German, ISO and European standards. “We are committed to providing the highest level of water testing to all our customers, and implementing STARLIMS’ state-of-the-art technology helps us guarantee that we will continue doing just that,” said Dr. Ulrich Borchers, Manager of the Water Quality Department at IWW. “In addition to providing full traceability of all types of water testing, STARLIMS will enable us to provide more timely and convenient service to our multinational client base.” STARLIMS Outperforms Industry-Specific Systems The STARLIMS solution was selected over systems expressly developed for water testing. During extensive evaluations, IWW determined that the STARLIMS application would be flexible enough to meet all their specific requirements. At the same time, the STARLIMS application was viewed as more future-proof than competing solutions, since it is entirely based on advanced Internet technologies. As an entirely web-based service, STARLIMS will enable IWW staff to communicate easily even with sites across Germany. STARLIMS’ partner in Germany, Axel Semrau GmbH, provides fully localized service, including consulting, implementation and ongoing support. “IWW’s selection attests to the compelling advantages of our web-based approach, which is flexible enough to outperform even industry-specific alternatives,” said Tamir Gotfried, General Manager of STARLIMS’ European operations. “This is the payoff of 20 years of LIMS-only R&D: having amassed a complete set of tools and wizards, we can meet most requirements of most labs straight out of the box. The rest is easily configured using our intuitive web-based application.” About IWW IWW Water Centre is known in Germany as IWW-Rheinisch-Westfälisches Institut für Wasser Beratungs – und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. It is an internationally recognized water research institute engaged in a broad range of water analysis, including organic, inorganic and microbiological methods. Accredited according to ISO 17025 for all the parameters of the German Drinking Water Ordinance, IWW is very active in national and international working groups in the fields of research and standardization (e.g. CEN, ISO). For more information, please see: www.iww-online.de About STARLIMS Corporation STARLIMS Corporation is a leading global provider of laboratory information management systems (LIMS). Full-featured and highly flexible, the company’s LIMS solutions deliver complete traceability leading to regulatory compliance, without compromising process versatility. STARLIMS Corporation has a 20-year track record of future-proofing its customers’ investments, be they new LIMS solutions or conversions of legacy systems. The company’s global customer base includes organizations in the public health, pharmaceutical, forensic, chemical, food and beverage, environmental and petrochemical industries. For more information, please see www.starlims.com