Khemia Software – LIMS Scheduler

LIMS Scheduler


In the current laboratory setting, a LIMS is being asked to account for far more than just laboratory work. A prominent example is the need for an information management system to organize routine and non-routine events. To meet these ever expanding requirements, Khemia Software has developed a Scheduler feature that helps laboratories better prepare for field sampling, sample pickups and other laboratory tasks.


Within most commercial, environmental laboratories, sampling and sample pickup are vital portions of the business.  It is often a portion of a laboratory that is often not closely observed, neither in terms of business efficiency nor regulation.   As the breadth of regulatory oversight is starting to expand into field work, documentation of field work, actual and pre-scheduled, as well as the use of proper field techniques are becoming ever more important.


Khemia Software’s Scheduler included in the Omega 11 LIMS is a complete event calendar that displays scheduled events in a weekly or monthly format.  When a date on the calendar is double clicked, a screen displaying any special instructions pops up in which the following details may be listed:

·         Special instructions

·         Field sampling information

·         Resources required for sampling


As well, a route may be defined and mapped for the daily schedule and with a click of a button from this same screen.  The addresses are placed into Google Maps which will show the purposed routes to the various locations.  At any point needed, the start point or order of stops may be altered as needed.


A short video clip of the Omega Scheduler may be seen at