Khemia Software to Exhibit at PITTCON 2011 in Atlanta, GA, March 14-17, Booth 3681

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Livonia, MI February 18, 2011


Khemia Software to Exhibit at PITTCON 2011 in Atlanta, GA, March 14-17, Booth 3681

Join us for a live webinar at 1pm ET Wednesday March 16th

This webinar covers our FlashPoint web portal module that interfaces with OMEGA 11 LIMS for 24/7 access to real-time client data and reports.

Come to our booth or IF NOT attending PITTCON, join us online.  Please register for online webinar by contacting Heidi Stamper at or call (734) 513-9940 ext. 201



734) 513-9940 ext. 201

PITTCON is the premier venue for the laboratory science industry.  Not only is PITTCON a place for laboratories to acquire new equipment and tools, it also gives back to education donating nearly a million dollars annually in the form of grants, scholarships, and awards. Khemia Software is excited to be part of this informative and stimulating event!


Khemia Software is a premier provider of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and related software solutions for testing laboratories. Founded in 1995, the organization has over 100 successful installations in environmental and industrial hygiene labs worldwide.


Its current flagship product, Omega 11, is a Best-In-Class LIMS, designed and developed by analytical chemists working in conjunction with experienced software engineers to produce a system capable of improving laboratory efficiency and conformity with the ISO 17025,ASTM, NELAC, EPA, DoD-ELAP, FDA-GLP and AIHA standards.


Omega 11 is a fully integrated relational database written in MS Access and SQL Server. It offers the full power of an interactive database management system capable of organizing, tracking, and presenting information in a concise and professional manner. The system is designed to help you run your laboratory the way you want, not dictate how you manage it. It is a configurable, production-oriented system that forms the backbone of the information management infrastructure. Performing as a comprehensive tool that handles all phases of laboratory operations, from quotation to final report and invoice. A quotation can be faxed or e-mailed directly from the LIMS to the client; projects set up automatically from the quotation, work orders directly from the project information. It can interface with the majority of the instruments that are used in a modern laboratory to import raw data seamlessly and with very little effort.  Additionally, it allows the creation of user defined import specifications for multiple file types such as excel, csv, txt etc. The final reports include cover letters, case narratives, analytical results, dates reports, client specific QC reports, and concise invoices and any of which can be customized to reflect the laboratory’s specific needs. The reporting features include the following highlights:


·     Ability to customize QC reporting options at different levels (Clients, Quotes, Projects, Work Orders).

  • Assign report modifications (ppm to ppb conversion, qualifiers, analyte type, etc) at Work Order reporting or as client default.
  • Embedded EDD capabilities that allow for EDDs and hard copy reports to match exactly.
  • Ability to print individual samples, fractions or tests.
  • Add Client specific reporting options without writing code.
  • Custom EDD formats e.g., Equis, AFCEE, ERPIMS, SEDD etc.
  • Work order and login system to allow for faster login and review.
  • Integrated e-mail and faxing capabilities.

Omega 11 incorporates laboratory functions such as purchasing, chemical inventory, and standards preparation logs. The Omega Export Wizard will allow you to format customized electronic deliverables within minutes. Backlog, holding time, prep sheets, test completion status, control charting are within Omega and are just a click away.


Our export to accounting module interfaces with many popular off-the-shelf accounting systems such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS 90 etc.


Our web portal module, FlashPoint provides clients the ability to view real time work order status, obtain both preliminary and final reports, and access historical data. FlashPoint provides the ability for project managers to monitor client activity. E-mail alerts can be set up to provide notification on receipt of projects, completion of analytical test data and other activities associated with projects for critical clients. The clients also have the ability to set-up and request e-mail alerts.


Omega 11 includes a Business Management Dashboard that allows users to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that are common to the laboratory industry. It displays production and quality data filtered by department, client, section, technician, test, instrument etc to facilitate performance evaluation and in identifying bottlenecks in laboratory’s work flow.


For further information, please contact Ralph Davis at (734) 513-9940 ext. 405 or We hope to see you at PITTCON at our booth 3681 to show you our extemporary product.