Legacy LIMS Replaced at Thai Refinery

The Alliance Refining Co Ltd (ARC) based in Rayong, Thailand, has decided to replace its 8 years old SQL*LIMS with STARLIMS. The replacement was based on STARLIMS focus on the petrochemical industry and future-proof of its solution. ARC is expecting tangible benefits including higher laboratory throughput and improved resource utilization as a direct result of the added functionality of STARLIMS. Intangible benefits will include higher job satisfaction due to the use of state-of-the-art information processing and better service management tools made available with STARLIMS.


 “We have grown out of our old LIMS; with STARLIMS functionality we now have a solution that conforms to our current needs and with its flexibility we can modify it as our needs change,” said Worrarat Phutthuworapattana, Laboratory Manager of ARC.


About Alliance Refining Co Ltd

Alliance Refining Co Ltd (ARC) is an operating alliance between Star Petroleum Refining Company Limited (SPRC), a joint venture between Chevron Texaco (Caltex) and the Petroleum Authority of Thailand and Rayong Refinery Company Limited (RRC), a joint venture between Shell and the Petroleum Authority of Thailand.


About STARLIMS Corporation

Selected as the #1 global LIMS provider STARLIMS Corporation delivers cost effective, easy-to-use collaborative LIMS solutions to organizations in the public health, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, forensics, food & beverage, environmental and chemical industries. The STARLIMS full featured, flexible, multilingual laboratory information management system provides complete traceability leading to regulatory compliance, without compromising process versatility.

STARLIMS Corporation’ 15-year track record together with STARLIMS’ architecture have earned the company recognition for “future proofing” our customers investments in internal know-how and for straightforward conversions of disparate legacy systems.