LIMS For Contract Laboratories

The Matrix Gemini LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) from Autoscribe Informatics can offer contract laboratories much more than the day to day management of laboratory workflows. It also provides the functionality for management of a variety of activities essential to running the business, such as the creation of quotations, order booking, allocation of appropriate prices, generation of results and customer reports and the production of invoices, either directly or in conjunction with a corporate accounts system.

Contract laboratories serve a wide variety of industries, carrying out a diverse range of tests. Matrix Gemini can therefore be supplied with a typical contract laboratory process flow which can be further configured, using the built-in configuration tools, to specific customer requirements. In this way, every aspect of the LIMS can be adapted to fit the particular process flow of the application from quotation generation and management, to sample registration and invoicing. This flexibility of configurability gives the added bonus that the system can be easily modified at any time as the contract lab expands into new areas of testing or needs to incorporate of additional sites.

A series of maintenance tables allows the management of tests and the grouping of tests into test packages. Product and customer details, including any discounts and special requirements that may apply are also managed. Test limits may be applied in a variety of scenarios. This can be linked to an ERP system. The fully configurable pricing part of the system allows the monitoring of profitability right down to the test level.

Matrix Gemini also features a web-based interface. This can be used to give contract laboratories’ customers controlled access to register samples, check on the work status and obtain results. This can be very useful if they need rapid access to key results in a large batch without having to wait for a final report.

The web or desktop interfaces offered by Matrix Gemini, based either locally or in the cloud, provides flexibility for any size system. This makes it equally suitable for laboratories with a single user to large multinationals with multiple concurrent users connected via multiple sites. Access rights can be controlled so that different types of users and/or different sites can only access certain workflows, screens and data.